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Take Control of your pension today.

Enhance payments into your pension scheme while improving employee benefits.

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Pension Point will help you

Deliver a Better

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Improve Staff Morale

How Pension Point will help you

Enhance payments into your pension scheme while improving employee benefits.

Helping companies like yours to deliver a better pension to employees. 

With this in mind you can also reduce payroll costs, without additional work or nasty surprises. Your tailored discovery process will show how much you can save without costing you a penny.

Rapid assessment nationwide to show how much you could save, not just this year but every year.


Straight to the Point

We will walk you through the process, end to end.

  • Scheme Health Check

    To make sure your scheme is fit for purpose

  • 100% Guarantee

    That you will save 0.3-3% of your payroll costs or we won't proceed

  • More Money

    For employee’s pensions every month at zero cost to you

  • Enhanced Employee Benefits

    Package that includes advice for your teams

  • Zero Cost

    If this system does not work for you

We've helped thousands of companies

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When Auto-Enrolment first came along, it was just a matter of complying as quickly as possible. Contributions were low and choice was limited. In our experience, this is why most  schemes are not optimised for the sponsoring employer or the members. 

We save you money and simply make your team’s pension better. If you can’t achieve both then we don’t do either.

Real change, real savings.

Our client operated a payroll company and had grown rapidly.  When they started their auto-enrolment scheme, it was a quick exercise in just getting it done.  The scheme complied and they forgot it.  Fast forward 5 years and they now have 238 members and were paying £470,000 a year into the pension.  

Re-booting the scheme saved them over £40,000 a year in costs.  Building and delivering the process was painless for them and for their staff, many of who will increase their pension, by as much as £10,000 over their working life.

This cost saving was free to be used however the employer wanted.  It can go straight onto their bottom line or enhance their employee’s benefits package.  In difficult times when widespread pay contractions or freezes are expected, enhancing your team’s package may be the way you want to go.  The choice is yours.

Take control of your pension Scheme

We have an expert team of employee benefit consultants that can build and deliver enhanced packages. So your business can save more.

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They saved my business over £300,000 per year.
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How did I not know about Pension Point, We saved over £80,000 per year on our pension contributions.
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This is a must do for any business owner, I saved 2% on my annual payroll costs.
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