Why Choose Pension Point ?

Informed Decisions, Pain Free Transitions.

We help individuals and companies understand their pensions.

We currently manage over £1.5 Billion in turnover for clients through our internal systems.

Helping companies to deliver better pensions to their employees whilst reducing payroll costs, is a win, win for both parties.

Working together we have saved our client base between 0.3% and 3% off their total turnover annually. Year on year this figure will increase as employee numbers rise.

Pension Point’s discovery process will show you exactly how much money you can save from your companies baseline. 

The discovery process is frictionless and it wont cost you a penny to find out.

During times of uncertainty having a robust pension structure in place will reduce the impact the contributions have on your baseline.

Pension Point About



You will shave at-least 0.3 - 3% of your payroll costs.



In Client Turnover currently managed with Pension Point.

End to End


We ensure the process is seamless and completed quickly.



That you are meeting your Auto-enrolment responsibilities.



If this does not work for you or your business is ineligible.

We provide real change, to real businesses.

We are not a pension provider or bank. We are the industry leader in getting you the correct pension structure that works for your business and your employees.